MAC Award Nominations and Other News!

Hi Everyone! There is always something going on over here at BUG:OUT:MUSIC to celebrate, and this month is no exception! The Manhattan Association of Cabaret & Clubs announced the 24th Annual MAC Award Nominations yesterday, and we were leaping for joy at the office when the text came in from our esteemed associate producer, Scott Barbarino of ScoBar Entertainment, that Terese has been nominated in the MAJOR ARTIST category this year! As most of you know, Terese is already the 2009 Outstanding Female Vocalist, so the Major Artist category is a "bump up" in recognition for Team Genecco! We're VERY proud of our artist and can't wait to see her perform at the annual MAC Awards show at B.B. King Blues Club in Times Square on May 4th, 2010! Congratulations and good luck, T! In other fun news, Terese will be celebrating her 1-Year Anniversary of shows at THE IRIDIUM in NYC this coming Tuesday, March 30th! The shows are being hailed as The Longest Running Nightclub Act On Broadway and it's true! In for the anniversary show/party will be West Coast singer/lyricist MARK WINKLER. Mark is a commanding and swinging vocalist with a smooth, wry, funny style. He'll be singing a couple of duets with Terese and the little big band, and then will keep the band all to himself for a 1/2 hour set in each of the two shows. We've also asked NYC Jazz Singer MARY FOSTER CONKLIN to join Mark for a duet! The band is, as always, smokin' with the usual suspects; BARRY LEVITT on piano, TOM HUBBARD (who is currently playing for Marilyn Maye in Florida) on bass, JOE ABBA on drums, MAYRA CASALES on percussion, CLIFF LYONS on tenor sax, KENNY LAVENDER on trumpet, and old friend ISREA BUTLER back on trombone. Isrea is filling in for MARK MILLER who is playing his trombone on stage in "Come Fly Away" on BROADWAY, just down the street from the Iridium! Way to go, Mark! SEAN HARKNESS will also be with the band again on guitar. And speaking of SEAN HARKNESS... wait till you see what he has done with Terese and their ELVIS PRESLEY show! A full-fledged Musical Director was born on this project and Terese is thrilled at the arrangements and accompaniment Sean has come up with for this classic rock material. They debuted the show last Monday at Don't Tell Mama in New York City during a torrential downpour, so we know a lot of folks who were planning to come out never made it out. There's one more performance THIS MONDAY, March 29th at 9:30pm and it's the show that will bring the fabulous "UNDER THE COVERS" series to a close. Produced by director/singer LENNIE WATTS, the series has presented 17 singers and their favorite, uncut, classic LPs, including SHAYNEE RAINBOLT's re-imagining of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" album in a Latin Jazz way. There was also the stunning STEVEN RAY WATKINS covering Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" LP, SARAH MUCHO with Neil Young's "After The Gold Rush," and ANGIE McKNIGHT with Cher's "Half Breed!" Another flurry of shows takes place this Sunday and Monday night, so plan accordingly. If you are intending to enjoy a lovely Sader dinner with family this Monday, think about capping the night off with Terese's ELVIS show performance at 9:30pm! We just caught site of a great article about Terese's one year anniversary shows at The Iridium on the website! Written by the very funny and punny Rob Lester, it's a great recap of what's been going all year at The Iridium! Check it out now on the front page of the NiteLife Exchange website! CLICK HERE Rob starts the article saying "There's a meeting for hopeless addicts that happens once a month on 51st Street and Broadway..." and ends the article with "My name is Rob and I am a Geneccoholic." We're looking for the President of the Geneccoholic Fan Club. Any takers? Thanks, Rob, for a fun romp through Terese's last year of shows in NYC! And thanks to NiteLife Exchange for the great article! Gotta get the newsletter out to the fans, so I'm going to stop blogging now! Check out all of the news and info and upcoming calendar dates on the website and go out to support live music often! Thanks and love from all of us at BUG:OUT:MUSIC! Tamara Hayes, VP of booking & promotion

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