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Happy New Year, Everyone!

If you've received emails, newsletters, or postcards from the BUG:OUT:MUSIC camp lately, then you already know that Terese Genecco & Her Little Big Band have been extended indefinitely at The Iridium Jazz Club in New York City by co-producer SCOBAR ENTERTAINMENT! Audiences have been steadily growing in number since Terese first began her run of "Last Tuesdays" there back in March of 2009, so they're going to keep the show going throughout 2010! Terese has quickly become a mainstay on the jazz/cabaret circuit in New York City and her shows at The Iridium are becoming a regular tourist attraction!

We are thrilled to report that there was a capacity crowd at the December 29th shows thanks, in part, to the lovely television and film actress, KATE HODGE, and fashion designer, SIXTEN, celebrating their birthdays with a group of invited guests. There were also a whole slew of tourists in town for New Year's Eve in Times Square, and many of them made their way up a few blocks to The Iridium for the shows. As usual, there were lots of other singers and musicians in the room. Like Terese's idol before her, (The Fabulous Frances Faye) her concerts always attract other entertainers like moths to the flame! Terese really does throw the equivalent of a great party from the stage and keeps the energy rolling all night long. We have no idea how or when she sleeps. It doesn't seem possible for her to settle down long enough to get any rest at all!

Guest drummer RAY MARCHICA sat in with the band while JOE ABBA was away. Ray has been playing percussion in the hit Broadway show MAMMA MIA for over 5 years. He was also the studio drummer on the ROSIE O'DONNELL show a few years back. Ray was a powerhouse and the band was really driving with him locking it down. Joe Abba is back behind the set on January 26th.

Terese also welcomed Latin percussionist (and drummer) TONY CINTRON to the band last month. MAYRA CASALES was away on vacation but will also return to the fold on January 26th. Tony was awesome as well. We're sure he'll be back with the gang some other time this year when Mayra gets called away to play out of town with her own band, CocoMama.

The rest of the band was made up of the regular suspects. "The Maestro," BARRY LEVITT was brilliant at the Steinway, as always. SEAN HARNKESS is adding some great texture to the sound of the band on the guitar. TOM HUBBARD was back from his tour of Australia with LIZA MINNELLI to jump back in on bass. Tom is playing for TYNE DALY at FEINSTEIN's this month, so the amazing SKIP WARD will be sitting in again for Tom. The horn section seems to be pretty consistent lately with CLIFF LYONS on tenor sax, MARK MILLER on trombone, and KENNY LAVENDER on trumpet. This is a tight, tight band, folks. They're all top-notch jazz players in one of the biggest jazz cities in the world. You don't find much better than these guys very often!

Terese is also VERY excited to be returning to her favorite city by the bay, San Francisco, for a one-night-only concert event featuring her dear friend, SHAWN RYAN and their combined "little big band!" Terese and Shawn have worked together before, but they have never shared an entire show together from top to bottom. They're working on specialty numbers and some duets! This show promises to be a highly entertaining evening with two of the hottest headliners in the jazz/cabaret world at the helm.

KELLY PARK will be leading the little big band which will be comprised of many of Terese's former bandmates there in SF, including RICH ARMSTRONG on trumpet, TONY MALFATTI and FIL LORENZ on reeds, and MAX PERKOFF on trombone! They'll be adding MARK ROSENGARDEN on drums and SAM BEVAN on bass to the mix, plus a few surprises. The show is taking place on FRIDAY, JANUARY 29th at 8PM at THE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL in downtown San Francisco. Tickets are still on sale at their website: Hurry and purchase yours this weekend while there are still good seats available!

We're lining up lots of gigs, radio and television interviews, and some exciting new projects for Terese this year. If you'd like to see her show in your city, let us know your favorite venue and we'll try to make it happen. Check in with us every week or two for new info and announcements! Thanks for your all of your support for Terese and for live music in general!

And don't forget, you can get a copy of Terese's debut, award-winning CD, "Drunk With Love: A Tribute To Frances Faye" available online at, Apple iTunes, and other digital retailers. You can also stream the CD live and read liner notes and more at!

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